Ok, it was seriously hard to just pick 8, but I had to limit myself!  I've been doing a lot of posts about clothes recently, so I figured I'd give the shoes and rings some lovin'.  I decided to pick some wonderful items from Ruche, which is a lovely lovely store with really reasonable prices.  Check out the items and find some you love!  Yes, I love gray...  Hope you enjoy!


Only 22 days until Mother's Day and if your mom is anything like mine then she's awesome and deserves an awesome day filled with wonderful gifts.  I'm going to be highlighting gift ideas for two types of moms per week until the week before Mother's Day which is May 8.  Only problem I'm going to have is picking what to get my mom!  Although, I have a pretty sweet idea in mind (she's going to read this and know...), but I might get her some other goodies on top of the main awesome one!  The other problem is my mom is all around awesome (she's an artist, crafter, techie, earthy, glamorous, brilliant lady), so it's going to be hard narrowing down what to get her! 

Here are the first two!  As always, enjoy!

The Crafter Mom

 Beautiful Cotton String

Amazing Decor Fabrics

Wonderful Japanese Tree Rubber Stamp