Good afternoon, all.  I just thought I'd share some quick updates with you today.  Here we go!


I decided to open the Replay Etsy Shop back up today.  I updated the look, policies, and uploaded my newest item, handmade geometric earrings!  I'll be adding more stuff throughout the week, but in the mean time check out the Replay site.


Check out the new Gluten-free Ebook by my mom, Shari McMahon.  It's packed with helpful information for anyone going (or who already is) gluten-free.  The Ebook features staples, equipment, where to shop, a bread recipe, storage and much much more!  I added it to Replay today!

Something I really wanted to get into this year is making jewelry.  In the past I've made a few things here and there, but I haven't committed to anything.  This year, I am!  I am always looking for something different when it comes to jewelry, so I decided why not just transition that desire for something different into creating something different.  This is the first pair of earrings I've made so far.  Expect more earrings, bracelets, and necklaces soon!  Psst, you can find this item on Replay.

Alright, that's all folks.  More interesting posts to come!


Tuesday and today I posted more awesome goodies on Replay. Definitely check out our owls, and let me just tell you, more awesome owl cuteness is coming your way!!  I have a few more owl items that I will be posting in the next few days, so be sure to check back!

Also, don't forget that we have FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75 right now!! WOOHOO! That will eventually end. Just saying.

Here's a peak at the new items today, check the website for more amazing items (including the stuff I posted Tuesday... neat stuff)!

Thank you, and goodnight!


Here are some updates.  Like 'em, love 'em, live 'em.  No clue what that means, but I added two more pieces to Replay today, go check them out, they're pretty awesome.

In other news:  I re-opened my Etsy store, and I'm going to be posting some of my Replay items on there.  Make sure to stalk both stores because sometimes I'll offer sneaky deals on one or the other!  Sneaky deals rule!!

Also, Mikey and I acquired an HD camcorder, the Toshiba Camileo.  We're probably returning it and getting something else, unfortunately.  Getting this camera has been a huge learning process though.  Unlike photography cameras, video cameras come in all kinds of stupid formats.  Some of these formats are really difficult to use on a Mac.  Whether it's iMovie or a more professional software like Adobe Premiere, getting your videos ready for editing is a bitch!  

Toshiba Camileo H30 Full HD Camcorder (Silver/Black) 
Neither of us would have guessed the amount of trouble this camera was going to be.  Luckily, we can return it and maybe get a better option.  Now, it's not impossible to edit your videos, but you will have to find converter software, convert the format, and then bring it into the editor of your choice.  By converting it to MPEG, I was able to bring it up in Adobe Premiere, however, this greatly degrades the quality of your film.  

Don't think your trouble stops there if you own a mac.  After realizing the downfalls of this camera we thought surely you could simply search for "Mac Compatible Camcorders" and find a slew of them.  Wrong.  What I've found so far is that Sony, Canon, and Panasonic have the least trouble working with iMovie or Macs in general, but many other brands including the Toshiba camcorders, some JVC camcorders, and other various ones do not play with Mac so well. 

We both think it's absolutely insane that there aren't standardized formats that are HD.  When you say a camera is HD, and the format you produce is HD, but in order to edit the footage you have to convert the video, thus degrading the HD quality, well guess what, that's simply no longer HD.  I'm quite pissed about this, but I guess it's all a learning thing.  I seriously don't understand why all formats are not like photography formats (jpeg, png, giff) and can be read by any computer or program.

You're seriously cutting out and pissing off Mac users, people.

I suppose that's all I have to update on.  Regardless we're going to start producing and editing videos soon.  When we put our minds seriously to something, we do it!!

Enjoy your 4th 'o July, everyone!  Your government loves you!


I'm going to be adding some new awesome handmade repurposed necklaces on Replay tonight.  All of the necklaces are made out of older jewelry I have.  I paired different chains with new chains, beads, and other elements.  If you have figured it out yet, I'm big on reusing items, and I figured why not use some of my old jewelry to make new fabulous stuff!  Here's a little preview, and I hope you enjoy!!


Howdy, Howdy!

Today I debuted my Flash Bulb Necklace on Replay!  You too can now own a super sweet flash bulb necklace made by yours truly!  I have had so many compliments on the necklace that I decided to start making and selling them.  Right now they come on silver coated chains for $15 or if you'd like to upgrade to a sterling silver chain for $18 then simply shoot me an email {{ sar.mcmahon@gmail.com }} before you purchase.  Soon I will also have an option to add an antique key to the necklace.  The deal with that is you'll pay a little extra for a key to be added, but the catch is you won't know what the key looks like!  If you really want a choice I can upload photos; that's no problem at all! 

This is also the giveaway item which you can still enter!!  So, here's the link so the giveaway and to Replay!



ALSO ::  I'm going to be adding some beautiful handmade necklaces by my mom later!  Check back!


Simply “Like” Modern Southerner on Facebook and then post a comment on here telling me what your favorite post OR Replay item is and you’ll be entered to win a handmade light bulb necklace AND a $15 gift certificate to Replay. Enter today! Contest closes Wednesday May 25, 2011 at 12 AM Central Time.  Good luck!!



Zookeeper, a design firm I follow on Twitter, posted a Tweet today about Photo-Lettering.com and  I followed the link and loved what I saw.  Photo-Lettering is a film based display type and since I'm just learning about it myself I'll direct you over to a definition and a little history of Photo-Lettering.

What Photo-Lettering.com does is it enables you to create headings quickly and easily with different typefaces from that era.  All they ask is a small price per header (they say around $2 a piece) and if you're not a typographer or designer this is a great way to get a quirky header.

I took some screen shots using various fonts for Replay and it was fun.  So, check it out!

Oh, and also check out this history on Photo-Lettering.com's page.  Ciao!