Only 22 days until Mother's Day and if your mom is anything like mine then she's awesome and deserves an awesome day filled with wonderful gifts.  I'm going to be highlighting gift ideas for two types of moms per week until the week before Mother's Day which is May 8.  Only problem I'm going to have is picking what to get my mom!  Although, I have a pretty sweet idea in mind (she's going to read this and know...), but I might get her some other goodies on top of the main awesome one!  The other problem is my mom is all around awesome (she's an artist, crafter, techie, earthy, glamorous, brilliant lady), so it's going to be hard narrowing down what to get her! 

Here are the first two!  As always, enjoy!

The Crafter Mom

 Beautiful Cotton String

Amazing Decor Fabrics

Wonderful Japanese Tree Rubber Stamp


Hello everyone!  I had the best day today!  I went with my mom to Mobile, AL and we went shopping and stopped at a few antique stores and I've got some sweet goodies for Replay coming this week!  I still have so much stuff to photograph and put up, but I promise it'll be up in no time.

While driving and talking (my mom is the best person to talk to ever, seriously, EVER) my mom and I came up with the best idea- my mom is going to do a guest post every week!  So, excited!  I attribute so much of my design abilities and my love of art to my mom.  She's an artist (does amazing, one of a kind art basketry), crafter, and all around creative person.  She's also tech savy like no other and I know she's going to contribute some wonderful content, so get excited everyone!

Now, on to the goodies:

[]  Vintage Matchbooks (So neat and some of them are really obscure.)
[]  Vintage juice glasses (They're so cute!!)
[]  Purses
[]  AND I got some really awesome stuff to make necklaces with. (Got my soldering iron last week, wooohoo!)

I hope everyone is as excited as I am because there are some sweet posts coming and new Replay stuff!!

Now puppy photos!

Everything's Gray

So, I really like gray.  I wear a lot of gray, I buy gray accessories, I even own gray pants.  Gray is great!  I decided to do some searching for gray items and this is what I found and loved.  Enjoy!

All I know is I like it.

I think I'd use it more as decor, but it's awesome either way!

Same source as above.  Good stuff.

Not your mom's Ana Taylor... apparently the company has started making a slew of more modern items and less business only attire.  Check it out.

I know it's almost Spring, but I love coats no matter what time of year!  This is so great, the color is perfect, the sleek lines, classic feel but with a modern cut.  Love it!

No.  No babies anytime soon, but I do find some things cute (oh god, this is how it starts).  Anyway, if I do ever have kids, they'll be wearing sweet stuff like this.  The whale and the birds are my favorite, but I love all the simple graphics.  Simple, attractive, good.

I don't normally like things like this, but for some reason I just love this.  I think it's because of the extra ruffles around the flower shape.  They make it more of an abstract shape than just a flower.

I love flats.  I love these.  Want them!

I could see myself slipping into this bed every night.  No pets allowed.

Oh, gimme gimme!  Functional and beautiful.

Beautiful gray stones are my weakness...  check out the other beautiful jewelry this Etsy has.