The other day I posted about the Wrap 'N' Mat which is shown in red gingham and I just loved it!  It got me thinking about what other wonderful gingham items might be out there, so I searched around a bit and came up with some stuff I really think is great. Check them out below and I hope you have a splendid day!

I love this top!  It was handmade and I think it would be great on the beach (other than the tan lines).

Adorable gingham shirt!  I want this.

These dresses are so cute!  I like them paired with the ballet slippers, but I'd prefer tall heels!

OMG!  This with a dark gray, white, or a navy blue dress would be stellar!

This jacket is so cute!  I love the subtle ruffles on the front.

This vintage ad is so awesome!

This outfit is great, I really like it!

Even puppy can look adorable in gingham.

Gingham for guys!!  I think Mikey would look great in the blue.

Love this jacket for guys.  It looks very European to me.

I love gray and this is just a nice shirt.

I really like this suit jacket!  It's J. Crew, I love everything J. Crew.

Gotta love a bow-tie!!

Which items do you like?


Last night when I got home I realized I wanted to cook something, but what!? I remembered I had bought some delicious zucchini the other day and decided to cook that. After opening the refrigerator I realized I had some mushrooms, too, hooray!

Now here came the dilemma, what to use them for? I originally was just going to eat them with some delicious Tony Chachere's spices, then it hit me...

Pizza Crust!!

Then I added olive oil, a little pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, olives, and finally the zucchini and mushrooms. It was amazing!

And here's a picture of Clementine. She was pouting while I was cooking. Silly puppy.


So recently I made the decision, quite on the fly I might add, to get a precious little puppy. Or so I thought... haha, no she's sweet, just going through her terrible 2's at this very moment. Let's just say everything is chewable and peeing on my floors is becoming an art.

Anyway, in the middle of two jobs, running Replay, moving, and just trying to spend time with my wonderful new boyfriend, I took on the responsibility of this little being. She's wonderful, really smart, can sit already and Mikey taught her to fetch, but it's not all rainbows and sunshine. It's crazy, people always say having a dog is good preparation for having a kid (NO not having any of those ANYTIME soon), but I think it's true. I think everyone should have to have a puppy before they have a kid!

I love her, but she's no Sebastian, my sweet sweet kitty. He's so wonderful, sweet, and adjusting to apartment life quite well. (He used to be an indoor/outdoor killing machine. I'm sure the neighborhood creatures on 7th Street have let out a sigh of relief!)

Here are some photos of the Clementine, The Great! In cat hats... cruel? ADORABLE!
Cat Hats!!

"Aww, I don't like this!"

"Please, no photos!"

"Ok, here comes the violence!"


I finally feel like I can start taking care of this blog. Things are settling in my new apartment, Sebastian (my cat) has taken to being an apartment cat very well and Clem (my puppy) has been great as well! I can't wait to get it all in serious order so I can post some lovely photos.

In the mean time I'm super excited about my herbs. They are all doing well, but my Lemon Basil is showing the most promise thus far. I've never grown anything (I know, silly, they're just herbs), myself and it feels like quite an accomplishment. They reside in my kitchen windowsill & I check on them and water them every morning before work.

Can't wait to cook with them! Photos of the process and the meal will be posted as well.

I think I'm going to get some shut eye. It's been a hectic week following an even more hectic week, but the weekend is upon us, some yard saling, time with the boyfriend, and working on Replay and other projects is almost here!
Have a pleasant night/day, all!