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1.   Love this mid-century modern inspired room.  
2.   Cozy fall sweaters on my mind!
3.   Homemade candles and darling old tea cups, great idea!
4.   Vintage stove, I would love this.
5.   Mustard couches are amazing.  I love this whole room.
6.   Delicious tacos, I'm in!
7.   Lovely minimalist space.  And the molding, woo!
8.   I need this vintage camera.  The color is wonderful!
9.   This collection of canisters is perfect.  The type, the colors, just perfect!  
10. Lavender Honey Cupcakes- Need I say more?
11. Vintage fans have been on my mind lately...
12. Love Rachel Zoe's outfit here.  Casual yet elegant.
13. This block fall color cowl neck pullover is awesome!
14. I love this ruff ring, so lovely!
15. Ombre, I'm going for it soon!


Hello.  As you might know, I love Pinterest, and today I decided to share some of my favorite Pins for the ladies. I'm going to get to the men too, so don't feel left out fellows!

I hope you enjoy, and get yourself a Pinterest already!

FASHION FORWARD [click for board]

JEWELRY [click for board]


WORK ATTIRE [click for board]



HAIR [click for board]



Guess who got an iPhone finally?  That's right, me!  I'm a lover of Macs, but I had Verizon and I liked them way better than AT&T, then they finally got the iPhone and my contract wasn't up, but yesterday my life changed!  Ok, a bit dramatic, but I've been wanting one forever (that one is for you, Marcus)!  Anyway, I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, and I have to say I really like it.  I've taken some photos of my up coming jewelry collection (two pieces have been released on Replay, so make sure to go check them out!

Here are some Instagram photos, and if you want to follow my photos (I will be using this for everything), follow me at sarmcmahon.

Enjoy!  Oh, and I threw in two adorable creatures, too.


Good afternoon, all.  I just thought I'd share some quick updates with you today.  Here we go!


I decided to open the Replay Etsy Shop back up today.  I updated the look, policies, and uploaded my newest item, handmade geometric earrings!  I'll be adding more stuff throughout the week, but in the mean time check out the Replay site.


Check out the new Gluten-free Ebook by my mom, Shari McMahon.  It's packed with helpful information for anyone going (or who already is) gluten-free.  The Ebook features staples, equipment, where to shop, a bread recipe, storage and much much more!  I added it to Replay today!

Something I really wanted to get into this year is making jewelry.  In the past I've made a few things here and there, but I haven't committed to anything.  This year, I am!  I am always looking for something different when it comes to jewelry, so I decided why not just transition that desire for something different into creating something different.  This is the first pair of earrings I've made so far.  Expect more earrings, bracelets, and necklaces soon!  Psst, you can find this item on Replay.

Alright, that's all folks.  More interesting posts to come!


I get emails from Etsy every once in a while highlighting items, and I thought that I would create my own post highlighting items.  There are so many wonderful things on Etsy that it's actually a bit overwhelming at times.  Hopefully this little compilation will help you find some amazing items.  Enjoy!

Love, love, love this necklace!  And they have tons of other designs.

This is a really awesome vintage piece I found on there.  I love the colors!  I've really warmed up to some gold recently.  I mean, I still prefer silver, but I don't dislike it like I used to.

You know I love mustache items, and flasks are always cool.

Mmm, this is beautiful!

Someone buy me this.  Thanks.

Oh, and these deco style salt and pepper shakers.  Definitely!

If I had kids, they'd own these.

OMG.  I want this, too.  Blarg!

You've gotta be kidding me.  LOVE!

Something for the coffee lovers!  *Me included!

Ok, I'm kind of obsessed with lighting and this is so original and amazing!

Love anything that's recycled!  This is such a cute idea!

Ah, and this!

More amazing mustache stuff!!

LOVE one piece suits.  They're flattering and just adorable.

Wow, I really love this dress.


Most people don't carry checks anymore, but this just might make you want to.

Aww, too cute!  This gave me a great idea!

Great gift for the belt wearing, bike loveing man in your life.

There you have 20 Etsy finds.  I hope you enjoy!


Howdy, Howdy!

Today I debuted my Flash Bulb Necklace on Replay!  You too can now own a super sweet flash bulb necklace made by yours truly!  I have had so many compliments on the necklace that I decided to start making and selling them.  Right now they come on silver coated chains for $15 or if you'd like to upgrade to a sterling silver chain for $18 then simply shoot me an email {{ sar.mcmahon@gmail.com }} before you purchase.  Soon I will also have an option to add an antique key to the necklace.  The deal with that is you'll pay a little extra for a key to be added, but the catch is you won't know what the key looks like!  If you really want a choice I can upload photos; that's no problem at all! 

This is also the giveaway item which you can still enter!!  So, here's the link so the giveaway and to Replay!



ALSO ::  I'm going to be adding some beautiful handmade necklaces by my mom later!  Check back!


Only 22 days until Mother's Day and if your mom is anything like mine then she's awesome and deserves an awesome day filled with wonderful gifts.  I'm going to be highlighting gift ideas for two types of moms per week until the week before Mother's Day which is May 8.  Only problem I'm going to have is picking what to get my mom!  Although, I have a pretty sweet idea in mind (she's going to read this and know...), but I might get her some other goodies on top of the main awesome one!  The other problem is my mom is all around awesome (she's an artist, crafter, techie, earthy, glamorous, brilliant lady), so it's going to be hard narrowing down what to get her! 

Here are the first two!  As always, enjoy!

The Crafter Mom

 Beautiful Cotton String

Amazing Decor Fabrics

Wonderful Japanese Tree Rubber Stamp

Everything's Gray

So, I really like gray.  I wear a lot of gray, I buy gray accessories, I even own gray pants.  Gray is great!  I decided to do some searching for gray items and this is what I found and loved.  Enjoy!

All I know is I like it.

I think I'd use it more as decor, but it's awesome either way!

Same source as above.  Good stuff.

Not your mom's Ana Taylor... apparently the company has started making a slew of more modern items and less business only attire.  Check it out.

I know it's almost Spring, but I love coats no matter what time of year!  This is so great, the color is perfect, the sleek lines, classic feel but with a modern cut.  Love it!

No.  No babies anytime soon, but I do find some things cute (oh god, this is how it starts).  Anyway, if I do ever have kids, they'll be wearing sweet stuff like this.  The whale and the birds are my favorite, but I love all the simple graphics.  Simple, attractive, good.

I don't normally like things like this, but for some reason I just love this.  I think it's because of the extra ruffles around the flower shape.  They make it more of an abstract shape than just a flower.

I love flats.  I love these.  Want them!

I could see myself slipping into this bed every night.  No pets allowed.

Oh, gimme gimme!  Functional and beautiful.

Beautiful gray stones are my weakness...  check out the other beautiful jewelry this Etsy has.