As you may know, I'm delving into the world of Web Development (from front to back), and while I'm learning all the aspects of coding (moving into Java and jQuery this week), I've been creating some Photoshop mockups. Here is a new one I've created, and I'll be updating with the responsive design soon!




Here's some Fun With Type! What is Fun With Type? Instagram Photos + Various Fonts & Type Treatments. These are just a self-assigned quick exercise I've decided to share, so not too much thought put into them, just experimentation and fun!  Hence, the "fun" in Fun With Type!  


Font // Dekar Light

Font // Ostrich Sans

Font // ScalaSans Caps


Hello all! This week's Dapper Duds is all about combining patterns.  Try pairing a subtle pattern tie with a light plaid, and bold Twill jacket.  Mix colors, patterns, and styles.  It's about self-expression, and finding your voice!  



Dapper Duds is back!  Sorry, I posted the first edition, and then life happened, but now it's in full swing!  This week's Dapper Duds is about pairing a light brown linen shirt, a dark hunter green jacket, and a red and tan patterned tie.  Try finding a simple geometric pattern like this one.  The pattern can be any size (or honestly color), experiment! 



Happy New Year, everyone!  With a new year comes new ventures, and my new venture is pillow design.  I've been obsessed with designing pillows for Society6 lately, and here are some of my newest editions.  Currently there are 18 different designs (also available as iPhone cases and skins, as well as various other pieces of art), and they can be purchased from Society6.



Here are some of the advertisements I've been doing for ELEVEN26 lately.  Each is just a play on the object shown, and a catchy little bit of copy to go along.  If you've yet to check out ELEVEN26, please be sure to do so!  Never too early to start holiday shopping, and I'm sure your loved ones would enjoy some super sweet vintage, retro, and handmade items!



Graphic Design is my life. It's my passion, it's my career, and it can also be my arch nemesis.  Some days I can't imagine my life without it (well everyday, even the days I curse it), but other days I totally try to imagine my life without it. I guess the hardest part to being a graphic designer is client's expectations vs. design aesthetic. I think anyone in the profession, no matter student or seasoned professional, gets frustrated when someone disagrees with our design, dislikes it, or down right tears it apart. It's like telling a writer how to write or telling a surgeon where to cut (I can't remember who said the surgeon bit, but I give them props). As a graphic designer we are the professional, this is our thing, not to say we're never wrong or we know everything, because this is not true of anyone in any profession, but most of the time we know what direction the client should go in, and we try to direct them there.

The thing that's terribly hard about being in a creative profession is that everything is our baby, whether we want to admit it or not. It's born from our minds, and when someone (often someone who doesn't know the first thing about what type, layout, or color even means) tells us we're wrong we take offense. How could we not?  It's our baby! I guess I struggle with that on a daily basis. I create something, think it's fabulous, and then comes the criticism, not to say criticism isn't warranted, helpful, or useful (sometimes), but it doesn't take the sting out. On these days I throw my hands up, curse why I'm a graphic designer, take a step back, and then go back to the drawing board.  Do I enjoy this?  No, but it's what has to be done.  This is not to say I don't direct the client when I out and out know they are wrong, but my only reasons for doing this are to help them get their brand, product, etc, out there in the best possible way.

I suppose my point in this post is to create something other designers will relate to, to clue the non-designers into our world, and to let them know at the end of the day we just want what's best for them, and often times we know better than they could even dream, that's why they pay us the big bucks!  I hope no one out there takes offense to this because if just anyone could do what we do it wouldn't be a difficult profession to be in, but sometimes we just want others to see and truly appreciate what we do for the world. Without us, the world wouldn't be nearly as colorful, and to me, that would be tragic.  


Artwork used can be found on my Pinterest.


source [sawrs, sohrs] noun, verb, sourced, sourcing.

  1. any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained; origin: Which foods are sources of calcium?
  2. the beginning or place of origin of a stream or river.
  3. a book, statement, person, etc., supplying information.
  4. the person or business making interest or dividend payments.
  5. a manufacturer or supplier.

Source is a font, a new font created by Mikey Maruszak.  Through this beautiful, calculated, and modern font, Mikey managed to create an excellent hybrid font mixing both serif and san-serif characteristics.  Source's most notable letter is it's unusual, yet eye-pleasing, R.  The R in Source clearly is the show stopper in this interesting font.  

I hope you enjoy Source!  

And yes, Mr. Maruszak is my life partner, but I know beautiful talent when I see it.



I’ve quit a lot of jobs in my life, like every single one I’ve ever had with the exception of FEMA, they just laid me off when our contract was up, but today was by far the most rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my co-workers, and I loved my job because at the time it served a serious purpose, but it is now time for me to move on. It is time for me to become the person I’ve been dreaming of, and slightly delaying, for the past few years.

Never in my life have I felt more sure in what I’m doing. The road to this point was definitely a bumpy one filled with anticipation, balancing some money, planning out my steps, fights with people I love dearly, and many tears, but I have to say all of it was not only necessary, but is now much appreciated.  In those resisting moments, those moments when I wondered what the fuck I was really doing, I persevered and came out the other side a better person for it.  My relationships with others have, too.

I’m going to get really personal here, but I feel I have something to seriously blog about, something that will help other people, and something that will be extremely valuable to the future me.  Let me just say right now, I’m a lot more interested in future Sarah, more so than ever been before.  On to the story of how I got to this point, at this moment.

Back in the beginning of February I was in a very bad place.  I was a little lost, a little confused, and very depressed. I suffer from a hormonal imbalance and subsequently, depression.  For some reason, things got bad.  Mikey (my boyfriend) and I got into a horrible fight, I flipped my shit, and the following months were filled with unbearable times.  I mean things were really bad. I was on what felt like the verge of losing the most important boyfriend I’ve ever had. I was freaked out that my mom was going to be moving and going through her own stress with the move. I was unhappy at work (like I said, LOVED my co-workers, things just felt off for me). My mind was a raging mess filled with irrational thoughts, bouts of explosive tears, and at times it was hard to even pull myself out of my bed. Things were bad, I mean second to only one other time in my life, and that was the worst.

The months leading up to the explosive fight with Mikey we weren’t ourselves, and weren’t communicating like we used. The fight, which at the time seemed like the end of the world, was the catalyst that got me to this point, at this moment. I realized in the weeks that followed how much I truly loved this person, and in that came a lot of change, for us both.  I won’t go into too much detail with all of this because it’s not as important to the story, but it does have merit to the story.  I guess, long story short, in a heartbreaking conversation with my best friend (and boyfriend) of two years, he told me he was afraid that I wouldn’t follow through with anything, that I was depressed and it was hurting me and our relationship.  I don’t know why, but from that moment I decided back to the medicine we went.  You see, I’m kind of opposed to a lot of pharmaceutical medicines, but I have depression, so I knew this was the only way to even my levels out and return to Earth.

The best way I can describe depression is as follows. There’s me, Sarah. Hi! I’m a happy, clear, focused, funny, talented girl. I always have friends, I love being around people, I care about others, I love getting to know others, I love life.  See, sometimes that girl is trapped within a glass soundproof box, and this mean, depressed, irrational, unpleasant person who looks just like me has put me there. She put me there so she could wreak havoc on all aspects of my life, leaving nothing but strained relationships and anxiety in her wake.  I can’t control her, and I can’t escape her. I actually hate her, but when you’re trapped inside a glass soundproof box, you’re helpless. For me, my new meds are like taking that mean, depressed, irrational, unpleasant version of me, locking her in that box she had me confined to, and pushing it off a fucking cliff.

Now that I am on Celexa, I feel more like me than I have in years.  I felt like the old me, the me that used to exist until hormones started working on building that mean, depressed, irrational, unpleasant version of me.  It was, and still is, the best feeling.  I’m not a zombie, I don’t have any side effects, I’m eating better, I’m clearer and more focused, I am happy.  Whoa, that’s a different one for me, happy.  In this happiness I’ve fallen in love with my boyfriend again (he says the same of me), I’ve taken a huge step towards my future, and bonus, I get to help my mom with her new home and new life adventure. I’m not afraid of my future anymore. I’m not afraid to just up and quit my job and move.  I’m not afraid to have a temporary long distance relationship with Mikey. I’m not afraid of failure because I took a huge step towards success and in that I have comfort.

I look at it this way, if I had stayed in Mississippi, silently hating myself and the life I was living rather than chasing after the life I dream of, then I would continue to be more miserable than if I tried and failed.  The worst thing that will happen to me is I might have to get a part time job.  I’m not even worried about this because I have some freelance work lined up, I know how to use the internet to find smaller jobs to fill the gaps, I’m armed with a great portfolio site, a good body of solid work, and I have the cojones and the desire to go after what it is I want. If I didn’t do this, I might not fail, but I certainly wouldn’t be succeeding either.

So, that’s basically how I got here personally, let me go a little more into how I got here professionally. After a whirlwind college career filled with uncertainty, time off, starting a business, and tragedy, I graduated back in August 2011. I was fortunate enough to have an awesome friend who told me about the job at University Communications.  I applied, interviewed, and got the job. I worked with some incredible people, and am so thankful for not only the job and the experience I gained, but the relationships and friends I gained.  Something inside just didn’t feel right though, like I knew I wanted more, but I wasn’t sure what.  I also knew I wanted to leave Mississippi.

Mississippi is an interesting, vital, beautiful placed filled with amazing Southern culture.  It’s where I grew up, it’s part of who I am, and I will always have a spot in my heart for this state, but this is not my ending, this is merely my beginning.  The desire to get out in the world, see things, meet people, and escape everything familiar and safe was deep inside me, boiling up, but I didn’t realize how strongly the pressure would eventually get.  At first, coupled with all the other stresses I was experiencing personally, I was scared, confused, and letting it all get the best of me. Then I updated my portfolio, applied to jobs in Tennessee, even got an interview, and I feel like that was when I let the pressure start to slowly escape. When I didn’t get the job I interviewed for, I let it get to me, but slowly I realized it just wasn’t the right job and the right job would find me, or maybe I’d just create it.

For now, I’m creating the job.  I’ve been in contact with a few firms in Tennessee, and gotten such a good response I stopped sending out emails until I'm settled there.  I’m making plans to visit other firms, to make business cards, to contact printers, and just put myself out there in a nice friendly “Hello world, I exist and I want to make you amazing eye-catching work!” type of manner.

Just to clarify, I’m in no way “tooting my own horn” or anything. I’m simply here to write about my experience as a human and the steps I’m taking, and hopefully through that I can inspire others in my field and in whatever endeavors they do.  I’ve realized all it takes to make your dreams come true is really going after them. It’s like Thomas Jefferson said, “Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Just don’t give up! It might take you longer than you had hoped, but I promise you it will pay off.

Let me leave you with some final thoughts.  I might fail, and that’s OK. I might become a raving success, and that too is OK, but just knowing that I tried, that’s where the real satisfaction comes in. Loving yourself and being proud of yourself is NOT EASY, but it is possible, and I promise you it feels better than any other feeling.  So, go out there, make a step towards the rest of your life.  Trust me, it hasn’t been easy, it’s been almost unbearable sometimes, but you will come out the other side if you keep pressing forward.  Take baby steps, start your business and fail. Quit your job and fail. Fail. Failure just means you’re one step closer to success.

Also, I’ve dismantled Replay Consignments and I’m restructuring the store.  See, I failed, but in my failure I narrowed down what I really wanted, what was working, and set in motion a plan to try again with a new angle. The new store is called Eleven26, and it’s going to be new, used, vintage, retro, and antique accessories, jewelry, and decor.  All stuff I like and I know others will like. I’m happier with it and the direction it’s going more than I ever was with Replay.  Thing is, I will always love Replay. I started it from my college room at my crazy old house on 7th Street, and it gave me a reason to learn some web design and coding, it helped me develop styles over the years, it got me into product photography, styling, and owing a business.

Failure isn’t bad, it’s just the antithesis of success, but without one you couldn’t have the other.

Stay tuned for more adventures in life and freelancing.