Hello all! This week's Dapper Duds is all about combining patterns.  Try pairing a subtle pattern tie with a light plaid, and bold Twill jacket.  Mix colors, patterns, and styles.  It's about self-expression, and finding your voice!  



Well, I'm going to get bangs soon.  I'm actually going to get my hair trimmed and add some bangs back in.  I can't do the straight across bangs that most people are doing, but I do want some longish bangs that can be moved around or pinned back.  Thus, my search on Pinterest began, and these are some of my favorites I've found so far.  

Check out my Pinterest for my inspiration!  



Dapper Duds is back!  Sorry, I posted the first edition, and then life happened, but now it's in full swing!  This week's Dapper Duds is about pairing a light brown linen shirt, a dark hunter green jacket, and a red and tan patterned tie.  Try finding a simple geometric pattern like this one.  The pattern can be any size (or honestly color), experiment! 



I don't know about you, but when picking out my new glasses I couldn't spend hundreds of dollars, but I wanted to get a stylish quality look, so I did some shopping around and found some great options.  These are all from Zenni.com (not a paid post, just sharing with you folks), and I was quite impressed with their selection (and definitely their prices).  These were some of my favorites!



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1.   Love this mid-century modern inspired room.  
2.   Cozy fall sweaters on my mind!
3.   Homemade candles and darling old tea cups, great idea!
4.   Vintage stove, I would love this.
5.   Mustard couches are amazing.  I love this whole room.
6.   Delicious tacos, I'm in!
7.   Lovely minimalist space.  And the molding, woo!
8.   I need this vintage camera.  The color is wonderful!
9.   This collection of canisters is perfect.  The type, the colors, just perfect!  
10. Lavender Honey Cupcakes- Need I say more?
11. Vintage fans have been on my mind lately...
12. Love Rachel Zoe's outfit here.  Casual yet elegant.
13. This block fall color cowl neck pullover is awesome!
14. I love this ruff ring, so lovely!
15. Ombre, I'm going for it soon!


An interesting trend has been peaking its way back into men's fashion lately, the bowtie.  Now I know that Bill Nye The Science Guy was sporting the look way before these up and coming hip boys, and that men have been wearing them for centuries, but I must say that the new use of the bowtie is really growing on me. I've always adored the look with a tux, and I have always had a fondness for those antique photos where bowties were a part of everyday wear, but I wasn't sure how I felt once I saw men bringing it back into everyday wear.  Luckily ladies, we've trained the boys well.

From more casual looks with jeans to the everlasting tux, bowties are back!  Make sure you check out a few of the bowties over at ELEVEN26, and go visit my Pinterest boards.  There you will find all the links for the bowties I found for this post.

Now, to tie or to clip? Either way, here's a sweet illustration I found that should help you out!

Tell me do you enjoy a good bowtie or would you rather it stay in weddings and the past?



Hello.  As you might know, I love Pinterest, and today I decided to share some of my favorite Pins for the ladies. I'm going to get to the men too, so don't feel left out fellows!

I hope you enjoy, and get yourself a Pinterest already!

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Black Friday can be a phenomenal opportunity to get great discounts on your must-have items. But it can also be a massive undertaking that will make you miserable if you do not plan well and wear the proper attire. If you want to get the best Black Friday deals and be able to enjoy them, take some notes on some essential yet often forgotten fashion DOs and DON’Ts.

Yes- Wear on Black Friday
Certain fashion standbys will always serve you well in a fast-moving, high-intensity environment like a mall on Black Friday.

You need good shoes to last you all day, and you can’t really go wrong with tennis shoes. Your favorite pair of trainers are the end all answer to your Black Friday footwear woes. They’re already broken in, they give you coverage against both the elements and stomp-friendly shoppers, and they have the soles and insoles to support your feet for hours. This isn’t the time to go out and purchase a brand new pair of Black Friday shoes; this is the time to bust out that old pair of sneakers and give them one last shot at bargain hunting glory.

Practical Outerwear
Wear layers, and lots of them if you live in a cold area. This is especially essential if you plan to get up early and wait outside in frigid lines for a pre-dawn store opening. If your area might get snow, you had better wear a snow coat. Avoid everything from a bad cold to hypothermia by dressing with a little common sense.

Comfy Pants
You will be wearing your Black Friday clothes for a while, so be comfortable. Broken in jeans or hole-free sweat pants will work best for your shopping tasks. You can move, you are covered, and you still look decent (probably a sight better than the whole lot of impractically dressed shoppers who sacrifice function for fashion).

No- Wear on Black Friday
Some people think that Black Friday is a day to make a fashion statement. You can usually spot them wearing impractical clothing and lagging behind the crowd because their fashionista flair has kept them from getting to the good deals first.

Do not, under any circumstances, wear heels to go shopping on Black Friday. Heels are precarious under the most ideal of circumstances; throwing them on to go outside in bad weather, with thick crowds, on slick trampled floors is simply not a good idea. The money you’d save on Black Friday is not enough to pay for a broken ankle, so don’t risk it.

Jeggings & Tights
Jeggings don’t even look like jeans, and they certainly won’t keep you anywhere near as warm. Leggings are ineffectual when it comes to insulating your legs, and they look absolutely horrific if they get torn. A run in a pair of tights can shift from a tiny hole to a leg-stretching street-walker-worthy snag. Be comfortable and tasteful with a decent pair of pants.

Guest post by Analise Marcus, savvy Black Friday deal shopper and fashion-judging people watcher.


I Stumbled Upon a neat online store yesterday, ThreadSense.  ThreadSense has clothing, accessories, shoes, and decor, and at affordable prices.  I loved so many items on this site, it was hard to choose, but I think I narrowed down my picks to some really nice items.  Pssst, they have some seriously awesome rings, too!  So, go check them out already!

*Click on images to be brought to these items.