As you may know, I'm delving into the world of Web Development (from front to back), and while I'm learning all the aspects of coding (moving into Java and jQuery this week), I've been creating some Photoshop mockups. Here is a new one I've created, and I'll be updating with the responsive design soon!




Hello! I've been kind of neglecting the blog (sorry, it's the first on the back-burner when I have to focus my energies elsewhere), but I did want to update a little. First off, what could I be focusing my energies on? Well, web development! Yep, I'm transitioning from the world of design to become a code monkey (term or endearment). I'm taking online lessons, I have a shinny new CSS book, and I'm well on my way to being a pro... well, I'm getting there. I have to say, I kind of enjoy it.  I knew basic HTML, and I knew some CSS, but I never knew the real reasons behind stuff, the logical part. I was so obsessed with design, that it felt like a chore to learn coding, but that has all changed. Once I started really getting into it, and to the point where I could have a conversation about it, I started to dig it. I think it's satisfying the nerdy math/science side of me. Did I ever tell you I took 3 maths in college and only needed one? Yeah, nerd.  I also took a few extra science classes... nerd.

In other news, we have a new guest blogger, Ashley from BlueHaus Studios! Her first post is below this one, and you'll have to check out her blog next Monday when I guest blog for her. We'll be doing a post a month, so be sure to check both blogs.

Also, I've been doing PSD website templates as practice for when I start really designing websites from front to back (yep, I'm going all the way to the back-end developing, yikes). I'm going to write the code for these soon and offer them as templates. In the meantime, here is one of the first templates.



This is for a fictional company I created, Arizona Sun Resorts.  This template will be responsive, so I did some quick mockups for how I'd want the website to look when accessed on mobile devices.   


Arizona Sun on an iPhone


Arizona Sun on a iPad Mini


Here's some Fun With Type! What is Fun With Type? Instagram Photos + Various Fonts & Type Treatments. These are just a self-assigned quick exercise I've decided to share, so not too much thought put into them, just experimentation and fun!  Hence, the "fun" in Fun With Type!  


Font // Dekar Light

Font // Ostrich Sans

Font // ScalaSans Caps


Happy New Year, everyone!  With a new year comes new ventures, and my new venture is pillow design.  I've been obsessed with designing pillows for Society6 lately, and here are some of my newest editions.  Currently there are 18 different designs (also available as iPhone cases and skins, as well as various other pieces of art), and they can be purchased from Society6.