Retronaut: History Revealed

I don't know if you've ever come across the website Retronaut or not, but I must advise you go check it out. Retronaut is kind of like Pinterest, but just for photos of all things history. It's amazing, you can see anything from Johnny Cash sitting in a bush eating a whole cake to "Dead Head" Hitler Postage Stamps.  It has so many fascinating images, you literally can get lost in this site.  I really like how they have the website set up, too. When you click on an image it brings a lightbox up with the photo and to the right it has category, URL, era, source, and favorite buttons, and on the bottom it has "If you like this, check out:" suggestions. Sometimes the collections have multiple photos. 

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I decided to start using my Flickr account more.   Mikey uploaded his illustrations to his and it made me look through mine.  I realized I have way more photos on there and WAY more photos not on there (on my external hard drive) than anywhere else.  Don't know why I've neglected my Flickr so, but I am now changing that.  In celebration of cool photos from the past, I'm going to start posting some of my older photography.

Today I decided I'd showcase some studies with light, color, and macro photography.  Enjoy!