Start With Postive Reboot

A couple of years ago I was on this #startwithpositive kick on Instagram. I'd make quick memes with words of inspiration to help myself, and others, start with positive intentions. I must admit when I was younger I was definitely a negative person. Over the years I've improved myself and my life to fight the negativity and depression, and I will admit it is not easy. Humans tend to go the negative route in many situations, even people who would label themselves as a "positive" or "happy" person have plenty of down moments. This is just being human. I do believe we can overcome that and reset ourselves. Let's face it, the world tends to be an overwhelmingly cruel place, but I do see a more positive world emerging.

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Life Should Be Magical- Like A Movie Even

Life should be magical.  Life IS magical. We’ve been told very conflicting things throughout life.

On one side- Watch this movie, this happy ending, these happy people- WANT THAT.

Other side- Well, this movie is over, get back to your boring existence where you are a cog in the machine. You have a duty… make “US” money, slave!

Then we’re left with a feeling of “I wish life were like a movie."

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