Hello! I've been kind of neglecting the blog (sorry, it's the first on the back-burner when I have to focus my energies elsewhere), but I did want to update a little. First off, what could I be focusing my energies on? Well, web development! Yep, I'm transitioning from the world of design to become a code monkey (term or endearment). I'm taking online lessons, I have a shinny new CSS book, and I'm well on my way to being a pro... well, I'm getting there. I have to say, I kind of enjoy it.  I knew basic HTML, and I knew some CSS, but I never knew the real reasons behind stuff, the logical part. I was so obsessed with design, that it felt like a chore to learn coding, but that has all changed. Once I started really getting into it, and to the point where I could have a conversation about it, I started to dig it. I think it's satisfying the nerdy math/science side of me. Did I ever tell you I took 3 maths in college and only needed one? Yeah, nerd.  I also took a few extra science classes... nerd.

In other news, we have a new guest blogger, Ashley from BlueHaus Studios! Her first post is below this one, and you'll have to check out her blog next Monday when I guest blog for her. We'll be doing a post a month, so be sure to check both blogs.

Also, I've been doing PSD website templates as practice for when I start really designing websites from front to back (yep, I'm going all the way to the back-end developing, yikes). I'm going to write the code for these soon and offer them as templates. In the meantime, here is one of the first templates.



This is for a fictional company I created, Arizona Sun Resorts.  This template will be responsive, so I did some quick mockups for how I'd want the website to look when accessed on mobile devices.   


Arizona Sun on an iPhone


Arizona Sun on a iPad Mini