An interesting trend has been peaking its way back into men's fashion lately, the bowtie.  Now I know that Bill Nye The Science Guy was sporting the look way before these up and coming hip boys, and that men have been wearing them for centuries, but I must say that the new use of the bowtie is really growing on me. I've always adored the look with a tux, and I have always had a fondness for those antique photos where bowties were a part of everyday wear, but I wasn't sure how I felt once I saw men bringing it back into everyday wear.  Luckily ladies, we've trained the boys well.

From more casual looks with jeans to the everlasting tux, bowties are back!  Make sure you check out a few of the bowties over at ELEVEN26, and go visit my Pinterest boards.  There you will find all the links for the bowties I found for this post.

Now, to tie or to clip? Either way, here's a sweet illustration I found that should help you out!

Tell me do you enjoy a good bowtie or would you rather it stay in weddings and the past?