I love flowers.  Honestly, who doesn't?  I mean they color our world, and that's pretty spectacular if you ask me.  In addition to loving flowers, I also take photos of them whenever I can.  At first I felt like this was cliche, but then I decided screw cliches.  I mean, really.  Do what you love, photograph what you love, and ignore cliches!  My theory is cliches were birthed out of observation and ignorance.  Sure, I get the idea behind them, but like I said, SCREW CLICHES and all their holding back power.  Anyway, I decided I'd start snapping photos of every beautiful, colorful, and amazing flower I saw.  Thankfully, when I don't have my Nikon in hand, I have my iPhone, so I really don't miss any opportunities for photos at all, including flowers. 

Here is a collection of Instagram photos I've taken this year that are floral, colorful, and (to me) beautiful.  I hope you enjoy!

Instagram :: sarmcmahon