You know, if you start thinking about the knowledge within your brain as a Google database, it makes you contemplate really paying attention to everything you know, whether fact or slightly skewed. I was just thinking of how I know things you might not know and you know things I might not know and that homeless guy in downtown Knoxville might knows loads of stuff neither of us know, and how unique and interesting that is. How if you really think about what you're aware of instead of what you're not aware of then sharing your knowledge and thus expanding it makes it seem so much more interesting and easy to grasp! I know, I'm being stupid positive right now and it's downright disturbing, but every once in a while I get freak show positive. I assure you it will pass when the morning comes and I have to lift myself out of bed.

Anyway, it's a different way of looking at things, and aren't we all in the hot pursuit of different ways of looking at things?