Here I go, being all political again. I honestly was never into politics or anything of that sort. I suppose my lack of interest was due to the fact that I felt it was all bullshit.  I guess my sudden interest is due to the fact it’s gone too far and people have to start standing up and spreading awareness for the true injustices of this world. These injustices are afflicted upon all of us by a small percentage of psychopaths, i.e. those in pursuit of profit above all else, even at the expense of you me and everyone we know. I suppose this is why I suddenly not only have a voice, but a strong one.

So, you’ve probably heard about this Kony 2012 video stuff, probably even watched it, but let’s look at some things here.  I admit, I have not watched this film. OMG, I know!  As much as I love film and documentaries this just hasn’t been high on my list of priorities and I was going to get around to it.  I know, why listen to me when I didn’t watch it in the first place?  Well that’s your call, but it was brought to my attention today that there’s a flip side to this whole “save the children” stuff we’re all buying into, and that got me interested.  Truth is, there’s always a flip side. That’s where this video came in. Now, do me a solid and just watch it, listen to what this girl has to say, and think about what she’s saying. I know, it’s not digitally produced and edited and distributed.  I know, she’s just sitting in her room talking to her computer camera with the less than perfect sound quality we’ve all been trained to desire, but just listen to what she’s saying.

Ok, now just think.  Seriously.  This should sound painfully familiar.

Now that you’re done thinking, go read this.

Now, in a time when the majority of the population is questioning their government, and wanting desperately to pull out of wars that none of us agree with, don’t you think it’s odd that after 22 years, speculations of this man being dead, and the country in question speaking up and saying “Hey, this isn’t quite on target” that maybe, just maybe, they’re going at war with a whole new angle?  “I know, they won’t listen to us, but they love some injustice and they love organizations, let’s try that angle!”

Just think.  Please, think. That’s all I ask, because the real injustice is raping the land and hurting people for the pursuit of profit.  That’s just as insane as the injustices Kony 2012 is trying to pull at your heartstrings with.