Unlike most female run blogs I have a very different stance on Valentine’s Day.  I think it’s kind of a stupid day for several reasons.  Here we go (gonna catch shit for this):
  1. Why do you have to have a designated day that all the world is celebrating “love”? I mean seriously, shouldn’t love (in whatever form) be more than a pre-made card, some flowers, and a dinner? Shouldn’t we show appreciation (which is all Valentine’s is) EVERYDAY? We’re so caught up in our own personal crap (which usually is just crap) to really value those around us.  Tell the people you love that you love them EVERYDAY. Tell them how important they are and how your life wouldn’t be the same without them, EVERYDAY.

  2. Why does it always fall on the man?  Usually (not always, but usually) it’s all what the man does for the woman, but why isn’t it more of a two-way street?  I look at all aspects of a relationship as a two-way street, and I get that a lot of people don’t or don’t practice it, but why is this a day marketed towards women so much? I guess the obvious reason is because we apparently (breaking stereotypes here) love shinny things and things that smell good!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scent and some sparkly (I refuse to say “bling” it makes me cringe whenever I hear it used… so 1999) stuff, but really why can’t it be more about the couple than the woman?  I also understand that a lot of women do a lot of things for their men, but if that’s how your relationship is, you need to change that.  Men, listen up, quit being selfish and love and appreciate your woman just as she does you.  There, that’s taken care of for you.  And guys, not hating on you here, there are bad apples in every gender.

  3. The whole “Single's Awareness Day” or what I like to refer to it as “The One Day A Year You Wish You Had A Stalker” aka TODAYYWYHAD (sweet, it’s like Scrabble)- yeah, get over it.  I was single for a very long time, and I liked it.  Being single does not make you defective, I’m sorry.  Quit using that as an excuse.  I look at it this way, I’m in a loving relationship, and it’s great, but if I am ever single again, so be it.  Being single means you can work 100% on you.  Stop using it as an excuse for being sad and lonely and just buck up and enjoy YOU. Also, you don’t cry or complain every time you see a little old couple or a wedding or a romantic comedy (or maybe you do, in that case grow up), so stop whining on February 14th EVERY YEAR. 

    SIDENOTE:  Did you know that singles boost the economy more than couples? Yep. While you’re out buying drinks, having dinners with date after date, buying tons of products to make yourself appeal to the opposite or same sex, whatever, you’re boosting our economy. Couples are just letting themselves go and having babies.  Good job, single folk!  
    *Not letting myself go or having babies, btw. 

  4. Facebook.  My god, if I see one more post of someone's flowers or candy or other thing proving they're loved I'm going to throw a baby out a window.  Seriously, stop it. "Wow, she's so jaded, she hates Valentine's and babies.  Bitch." No, I just don't see the need to rub in other people's faces how wonderful my life is. Guess what, just because you got some flowers and proclaim you love this person on this one specific day does not mean you are genuine or that your life is good or that you even really love them.  It doesn't, I mean c'mon. To me it's about cutting the bullshit and finding the real meaning behind life and love, and let me tell you, it cannot be found inside a box of chocolates.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm the biggest advocate for love you will ever meet, but Valentine's Day is not love.  Valentine's Day is an excuse to get away with the bare minimum.  LOVE EVERYDAY. SHOW YOUR LOVE EVERYDAY. APPRECIATE THOSE IN YOUR LIFE- mother, father, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, co-worker, etc.  Don't just hand someone a card and think it's all OK. Really connect with people.  I'm not saying I'm the best at it or it's easy, but I do try my best to really think and be considerate. Sure, I eff up, so do you, we're human, but don't place all your hopes and dreams and ideals on a day created by card companies, that's all I'm saying.

    Ok, go enjoy some candy.  I'll go enjoy the candy on sale tomorrow.