If you don't know what Pinterest is, then you're definitely out of the loop, and this is one loop I think you'll want to be in.  Pinterest is a wonderful site that's literally for pinning your interests (get it, Pinterest, ha) on a virtual board. So instead of having bookmarks just hanging out in your toolbar, never to be seen again, you can visually see why you liked something in the first place! I know I bookmark everything, and I rarely go back and look at any of it. Pinterest has been a blessing for me because I can just go to the site, look at my pins, and have instant inspiration, recipes, project ideas, clothing ideas, and so much more.

How does it work?  Simple. You go, sign up for an account (they have to send you an invite, see below), place the "Pin It" button you or toolbar, and then just surf the web (which we all do anyway). Then when you see something you like you click the button on your toolbar, it brings up all the photos on that particular page, then you click which one you want to pin.  A box will pop up, you pick your category (or create a new one), write a brief description, then bam, you have a pin.  Way easier than I'm sure you're thinking, and addictive.

Now something that's been really ticking me off is the fact that males seem to think this is a site for females... WRONG. This is a really really valuable site and especially for us creative types.  I'd say my most used board is entitled "Design All The Time" and it's where I put any and everything inspirational dealing with design. I know for designers Pinterest is such an amazing way to keep track of different type treatments, posters, tutorials, web design tools; the possibilities are endless!  Sure, a lot of the stuff on there is more targeted towards females, but that's only because females are using this more than males, not to say there aren't any males using it, because there are.  

I have boards on design, decor, recipes, humor, fashion, photography, cocktails, places I want to visit, gift ideas, projects, recycling, and much more. The beauty of it is you can literally make boards for whatever you're into. For guys, I could see all these same boards, and you know what, that does not make you feminine, it makes you interesting and smart. Guys cook, guys decorate, guys care about what they wear, guys want to travel, guys give gifts, guys recycle, guys like humor, guys drink, guys do projects, guys do all of this and much more.  So guys, GET YOURSELF A PINTEREST!  Seriously, it's just a way to organize who you are, what you want to do, see, try, etc. Now please, tell me how that's feminine? 

I'm so sick of masculine/feminine crap, why? Because we're all both. SERIOUSLY, and if you have a problem with that then that's you letting society put restrictions on yourself. I say live life to the fullest, be who you are, and get a effing Pinterest account and pin the shit out of some awesome stuff so I can follow you and you can follow me and we can spark ideas, change, open our eyes to new things, open others eyes to new things.  I mean, that's freaking beautiful!

Ok, I'm going to stop gushing over Pinterest now. Just go check it out, request an invite (yes it's by invite, but they're pretty quick about sending you one I think it's just to keep everyone from signing up and then not using it), and get to pinning your life!  Designers, you're required to go get one so do it NOW.

Go check out mine, you'll enjoy it, I promise!