When I think of a resurgence of humanity I often think of art, culture, honesty, team work, beauty, innovation, open-mindedness, expanding, getting to the core of who we are, what we need, and why. Some days I feel hopeless for humanity, but other days I feel this truly is the direction we are headed in. I’m watching a PBS special, This Emotional Life, and in the special they cover topics on human interaction, love, emotions, bullying, relationships, etc. At two different moments in this show I just felt people pressing forward.  I felt hope.

The first was the most difficult.  It was about a young boy in FL who was bullied by his classmate to the point of suicide. I have a lot of issues with this topic as it is how one of my dearest friends died 5 years ago, and there was a moment in the show where the mother described when they found her son; it was exactly how my friend took his life. I burst into uncontrollable tears. Thing is though, the woman started a foundation to bring awareness to children being bullied, and she caused a direct shift in the way things are. Through her tragedy she did the exact thing her son professed was impossible, brought about change.  

Another moment in this series was when a women described her feelings towards sex.  She and her husband have been married since the late ‘60s.  They started their story out with all these wonderful memories they’ve had together, and talked about the beginning of their relationship, and their marriage and kids.  Then it got a little darker as they described their problems throughout the marriage. In this particular portion the husband talked about how he wanted a more sexual relationship from his wife, and he told her so. She was kind of indifferent to the idea, but when he told her they either worked on it or they were over, she started to examine why she felt this way. In doing that she discovered that her whole view of sex was incorrect, and it had poisoned her relationship.  You see to this woman, sex was an obligation, an act to benefit the man.  She grew up thinking this was how it was, and in turn proved it to be quite the opposite.  She realized that her husband didn’t just want to have sex with her, he wanted to be intimate with her. 

In both of these instances complications actually provided a solution. In tragedy people saw hope, and were enlightened. Trust me I wish there were a better way, but sometimes people have to be pushed to the point of horror before they see the very thing inflicting the pain. This is true on a personal level, and this is true collectively. 

Humanity has been pushed, and it’s to the point of breaking. People want change, they want to move forward, and they want to be happy.  The human spirit can only take so much before it breaks.  We are at that breaking point. I think we have a chance, and through honesty, understanding, emotion, and caring we really can make a difference. This rings true for our personal lives, too. 

I’m not going to sugarcoat things by saying I’m this sunny person, I’m not. I am however fed up. I’m fed up with myself and my bouts of depression, and I’m fed up with the cause which is the world around me in all its doom and gloom.  I’m tired of politicians and war and budgets and debt and all these artificial things that consume us and cloud our minds.  I think most of you are, too. Human beings deserve to be happy, to be clear and free. We deserve health and foods that provide it. We deserve honest pay and appreciation. We deserve respect and kindness. We deserve moments of pure uninterrupted happiness. We deserve honor. We deserve freedom. We deserve to be alive. 

The damage is done, now let’s repair it or perish. Let’s be enlightened and let’s enlighten others.