Well people, tomorrow is a big day in Mississippi.  We can vote NO on Initiative 26 and protect women's rights, or we can allow our state to sink back into the 1950s.  I'm personally voting NO, and not just because I'm pro-choice, but because I believe that government should have absolutely no rights to my body.  Whatever happened to a government for the people, by the people?  Meaning we have control over the better good of our nation, our people.  This initiative poses a threat to all, and must not pass.  This is our opportunity to stand up and say, "NO!  You will not violate my body or my rights as a living inhabitant of this world!"  Women, people, have come too far to allow something like this to occur. 

Please, if you vote yes on this initiative you are doing harm to not only yourself, but to every person around you.  If we let something this violating pass, then we are leaving the door wide open for government to have full rights to our bodies, minds, and by default, very being.  It's time we stand up, stand up for ourselves, stand up for others, and make this world a safer more beautiful place.

Please vote NO on Initiative 26!!