Ok, I'll admit that I have no idea how to work a sewing machine, but I feel fine saying that because I will know how to use one someday.  I currently have one sitting in my closet, but I don't have a pedal for it, thus no sewing action.

I have always had an interest for it especially since my mom can sew really well, but recently my curiosities landed me on Spoonflower.com.  Spoonflower is a website where you can upload your own patterns, and then select how the pattern will be arranged on the fabric.  You can also choose what type of fabric, and of course how much fabric.  You can also buy other people's designs, which is really neat.  I uploaded some patterns that I created last night.

It's really easy to make your own patterns, too.  Here are the steps if you have Photoshop:

1.  Open up a new project under File > New.
2.  Size the new project 4 inches by 4 inches at 300 dpi.
3.  Color the background, use brushes, create shapes, etc.
4.  Save the file as a jpg.
5.  Upload your new block to Spoonflower.com, and then play with different arrangements and sizes.

Enjoy and make sure you check out the site!