I came across the Fuji Finepix X10 digital camera today, and let me say I am in love.  The X10 is set to come out Fall 2011, but still no release date has been set.  Price is also up in the air, but hopefully some news will be released soon so we can all sleep a little easier at night.  I know I'm excited for Fuji's new camera.  With 12 mega pixels, a F2.0-2.8 FUJINON manual 4x zoom lens with all glass 9 group / 11 configurations, and full HD video, the X10 won't disappoint.

I have a Fuji Finepix camera that I carry in my purse for those times when I don't have my Nikon DSLR, and I love it.  It definitely was a good investment.  I would love to upgrade to this amazing camera when it is available.

I love the compact size, the beautiful design, the accessories, and that the design is a throwback to 35mm cameras.  I also find it charming that the shutter sound resembles that of a regular 35mm camera, too.

Definitely check out the video on this amazing new camera by Fuji.