I'm so excited I'm going on a summer trip tomorrow!  I have had the crappiest summer ever, and I'm glad I'm getting to experience one of my favorite past times- going to TN with my mom.  We've been going every summer since I was 5 and I was thinking we weren't going to get to go this summer.  Luckily, some things opened up, and off we go!

I'm going to be taking photos and doing updates all week.  I promise I'm actually going to do this because I know I haven't exactly been keeping up with the blog lately.

I do have some good news though, I am officially a college graduate.  Only took me, well let's not go there.  I'm super excited though and I really don't regret the mistakes I've made, the extra time I've taken, and the wasted classes I took.  Those classes weren't a waste, I really know what I love and I'm good at, and I'm happy about my current life.  Minus the money woes (which will be going away soon, job possibilities in the future).  All in all it's been a crappy summer, but things are looking up and I know I have a good life in front of me.  I'm hoping these are the rough times because as much as I've complained, it's really not that bad.

Now, if you know where I live and you think you're going to rob me (yeah, because I have all kinds of badass things...wait) then don't waste your time, my apartment is going to be occupied by my sweet boyfriend and our two animals. 

Wow, that sounds like I know all kinds of shady people.  I don't, I don't think, but I do think it's good to protect oneself when broadcasting your vacation plans on the web.

Ok, I'm blabbing!  Goodnight, sweet morrow, and wish me luck on my travels!