One word.  Manilla.  I Stumbled Upon this site today, and I think it's fabulous and will definitely be signing up.  No, I'm not trying to get anyone to sign up.  I get nothing out of that.  I just think it's a neat site.  So, what's Manilla?  Manilla is a one stop shop for all your bills, subscriptions, and rewards.  You can manage, pay, review, etc, all your bills, subscriptions, and rewards on Manilla.  Manilla helps eliminate paper mail, so it's better for the environment, which is always a plus.  Manilla is also FREE.  With your account there will be ads, BUT the cool thing is the ads are only related to the companies you have bills, subscriptions, or rewards with.  This means savings, deals, and promotions.

I think this is a really neat site, check it out for yourself by taking their quick tour!