WARNING:  The following blog features writing about animal situations that might be graphic to some.  Accordingly, Modern Southerner and the producers must insist you read at your own will.

Hi, I'm Sarah McMahon.  Welcome to this post.

Yep, the Jackass extraordinaire is Vegan.  Steve-O goes on to explain his reasoning behind becoming Vegan, and let me just say I totally agree.  He states "I got into being vegan because I was simply looking to benefit from being more compassionate."  I love that statement, and it's kind of how I feel.  I feel like we just use other animals, and most of us don't have any regard for that.  Seriously, not trying to point fingers, not trying to piss anyone off; I'm just as guilty as the next with my past choices.  But really think about your true connection to anything you eat, and your feelings about the truth behind what you eat.  Just think.  I sometimes look at my sweet puppy or kitty and how much I love them, how smart they are, and how they are truly apart of my family.  Then I think of animals who we eat for food.  It's terrible, they don't have lives, they're just MEAT.  And don't come in with the "animals don't feel or think or love" bit because trust me I've had enough animals to know this is false.

I'm not even hating on people eating meat.  Yeah, "yum yum it tastes good, I can't part with that."  I get it, it does "taste good" and all that jazz, but what I'm trying to get across to people is the way in which we handle our meat.  I'd say "like animals" but the truth in that is it's not like animals at all.  It's like humans, and humans can be the lowest form of animal on this planet.

If a cow lives on a farm, lives a good life, is loved and treated well by its owners, and those owners so happen to send it to slaughter one day, well you know what, that's fine.

If a cow is born to a mother who gave birth to his now already digested older brother before him, and will give birth shortly after to his little sister who might be sent to slaughter or used like his mother, is then sent to a stall where he will stand for his entire life until he is sent to slaughter, unable to walk, where the meat from his body and the meat from countless other cow's bodies rest while flies land on them, and an unauthorized man wielding a USDA stamp comes along, stamps him, then off he goes to your belly, that's not fine.

Isn't it funny how the good option is so short, sweet, and to the point, but the bad option is so long, complicated, and obviously the wrong choice?  Yeah, I thought so, too.

Point of this post?  Point of Steve-O's post?  Point of you reading this?  Because there are A LOT, and by a lot I mean billions, of things wrong with this world at this very moment.  More than any group of beings who are supposedly "civilized" and "sophisticated" should ever possess.  People need to get off their lazy butts, think about the true impact they have on this world and their lives, and future generations, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So class, there's your lesson for today.  Hope some of you come back.