I've been thinking about what I want in a home someday, and I want modern.  I love small traditional accents, but I really love the idea of an open air home with glass, wood, and steel.  I love the idea of looking out large windows that reveal a beautiful view.  I like modern, I like green, and I like modular.

I've never liked trailers.  "Hey, let's make a building that is like a house, but isn't a house, and is cheaply made, and portable!"  To me it should be "Hey, let's make a modular home that is environmentally friendly, affordable, and of the highest quality!"  This got Mikey and me thinking about aesthetically  pleasing, affordable modular homes.  There are some great modular homes out there, but most of the ones I've found have been sort of expensive.  I love the idea of a quality and affordability, and I don't believe it's out of the realm of possibility that you can have both.

I'm still new to this concept, but I really like it and will definitely be exploring it more.

I decided to look up some homes and these are the houses I found that I liked.  Enjoy!

Blu Homes

Method Homes