1126 are super important numbers to me.  My birthday is November 26th, and I've had a slight obsession with those particular numbers since I was a child.  I realize it's an important number to me, therefore my brain picks it out as often as possible, but I just have always felt this connection with those numbers.  They've been a huge repeating pattern throughout my life.  This year in fact, I am 26 and it's the year 2011.  I realize I'll be 27, but only a little over a month of the year.  I know, it's silly, but I just love these numbers, ok!?  :)

Here is a little poster I put together quickly.  Just practicing and playing around with type.  Enjoy.

Btw, these numbers aren't used in anything.  No passwords or such, so if you're going to hack me, guess what!?  Not helping!  Just a little warning.  Don't waste your time, or do, and then realize you wasted it.