Mikey and I have been enjoying a super yummy tomato sandwich which could be great for breakfast or lunch.

It's super easy to make, delicious, and pretty healthy.  It's definitely a great alternative to most breakfast or lunch sandwiches.

All you need is: 

English Muffins (read the bag, I go for Vegan ones, but have no preference past that)
Fresh Spinach
Olive Oil

1.  Toast the English Muffins.  While they are toasting I cut up my tomato and wash my spinach.  I always wash "pre-washed" fruits and vegetables, you can never be too safe.

2.  Once the English Muffins have toasted, lightly spread olive oil on the muffin in place of butter.

3.  Place sliced tomatoes on the bottom portion of the muffin.

4.  Sprinkle Oregano and salt to your liking.

5.  Place spinach on top of tomatoes, place top portion of the muffin on top of that, and enjoy!

It's super tasty and good for you!  I like to cut up another tomato, lightly salt it, and eat it as a side.  Mmmm!