This week I took a little break from posting.  I think it's important when feeling overwhelmed to just let everything just chill for a few days, and collect your thoughts.  I've had a lot of well, crap, going on for the past few weeks, and haven't felt myself.  Luckily, things are looking up!

**Please cross your fingers I get a job I'm hoping for, thanks!!!**

Sorry I've been a slacker, though.  Sometimes you just gotta be.  You understand, don't you?

Here are some posters I've been working on.  Last weekend I posted one poster (*repetition), and I'm posting it along with the other ones just so you get a taste for them all.  I literally went on a two night few hour poster making binge.  I used public domain illustrations I found, and then added typography and my own personal meaning.

Here they are and I hope you enjoy!!  Thanks!

{{ Click to enlarge }}