I've been a vegetarian on and off for a few years now.  I'm never quite sure why I stop, but I always reach a point where I do, but after watching this video (no graphic visuals, simply a guy reading and then talking) I have to say I'm back on, and for good.  I knew things were bad, I knew conditions weren't good, but after hearing the actual quotes from workers and not only hearing it, but thinking about the fact that people do this to animals, is enough for me.  A person who can slaughter animals is a step away from doing it to you.  A total blatant disregard for life of any form is despicable and animals don't even have a chance to protect themselves.

I'd like to know how you'd like being boiled alive, how you would like to be electrocuted, skinned, beaten, clubbed, or have to endure any other form of torture?  Why?  Because that's what's happening to your meat.  And the fact that ROTTING meat is thrown into "good" meat and that maggots and rotting meat is being put into BABY FOOD, and that people have the authority to stamp USDA on packages when it's nowhere up to any standard, is appalling.

You know, I feel a lot of discomfort over the way this world runs, and this is just another example.  Who are we to throw male chicks into garbage bags to slowly die because they can't produce eggs?  Who are we to kill innocent pigs who are some of the smartest animals alive?  Who are WE to play GOD and dictate the fate of other LIVING creature?

I highly recommend watching this video, and just as the guy in the video says, don't just brush it off as "Oh yeah, I know things like this happen" because I guarantee you don't know the full extent and educating yourself is the first step to change.  People need to start demanding a better quality of life not just for ourselves, but for the innocent creatures that we're the guardians of.  Like it or not, we're the most intelligent (and I find that quite humorous, really) animals on this planet and by default that means we are the protectors of all.  But, let's just keep drilling oil, killing the ozone layer, murdering animals, filling our bodies with unhealthy foods, preservatives, hormones, killing each other, being selfish, and just overall disgusting excuses for creatures.  Why the hell not, right?

I like the point this guy makes, too.  "I eat meat because it tastes good."  Maggots and rotten flesh sure does tickle your taste buds, doesn't it?

I officially am never eating meat again.  I already don't drink milk and I'll only eat cage free eggs (you know, eggs from chickens who get to live on grass and enjoy their lives), so this is just a logical step for me.

Man, I feel like a total horse's ass (oh yeah, a worker also admits to them sometimes throwing HORSE MEAT into production and passing it off as BEEF) for ever converting back.  No more I say, NO EFFING MORE.

Do what you will, but all living creatures deserve a good life.  Get the fuck over yourself.


Jamie Jabber 76 - The point of no return; can you stomach the truth or will you close this video? from Jamie Kelly on Vimeo.