Well, I'm trying to get my first "big girl" job, and I think I have a good chance.  It's a pretty sweet job, and I'll definitely have to dress like a grown up.  My God, I'm 26, I AM A GROWN UP.  Side note:  When do you ever start feeling like an adult?  I still don't.  I still think of myself as being a kid (in a lot of ways), and it's quite annoying at times.  Anyway, I started thinking about the fact that I have some professional clothes, but nothing like I'll need.  This post is a compilation of the types of outfits I'd wear at my "big girl" job.  I hope you enjoy!

I love this dress!  It's feminine and youthful, but also professional.

I also adore this dress.  I think if paired with a nice structured blazer or a cardigan, it would look amazing.

I also love this style of dress.  Really flattering and not too revealing.

Another lovely dress!

The neckline on this is really nice.

The pattern and colors on this are really great.

It's gray, it's interesting, it's Banana Republic.  I've always loved their clothes.

A black pencil skirt is a must.

I love the pattern and the fact that it's still neutral, but with a little something.

 I really like this skirt.  I also like it paired with these heels.

The color and shape of this skirt makes me happy.  Just love it.

I also love this floral skirt!

I'm also a pants girl, and I love this gray pinstripe pant.

Can't go wrong with a khaki wide leg pant.

Mmm, Italian wool trouser.  Love it!

I really like this shorter pant, too.

Love love love this blazer!!

J. Crew, you have the best blazers!

I'd button that shirt up one more button, but I really like this outfit.

Ok, I guess that's enough, you get the point.  I really hope I get this first job.  Please say a prayer to the Job Gods for me!!