In case you were wondering, you can totally make Instant Fat Free Jello Pudding with Almond Milk!!!  They clearly state on the box you can't use soy, and believe me, you can't.  I don't drink milk at all.  Milk really isn't as good for you as the Got Milk ads would like you to think.  *See that, good advertising can sell anything.  Milk is packed with hormones, and even traces of ROCKET FUEL!!  Plus the conditions the cows live in are down right horrible, unless you get local milk, which I think is fine.  Don't believe me?  Google it.  This isn't a post about milk though, it's a post about delicious Fat Free Jello Pudding!!

Today, I experimented.  I had made brownies (my favorite desert), and they were getting a bit tough from being out (with plastic wrap, no worries) for a few days.  So, I decided to make some Fat Free Chocolate Jello Pudding using almond milk and crumbled brownie.  I used my Ninja (thanks mom) and pulverized the leftover brownies.  Then I simply made the pudding and waited... tick tock tick tock.  I was afraid it wouldn't work since soy milk doesn't work, but low and behold, it worked!  It's really good, too!  I suggest trying it.  I also suggest staying away from milk, but that's an entirely different post.  ENJOY!

Also, these are my sweet little vintage owl salt & pepper shakers my mom gave me.  They were my grandmother's so not only are they awesome owls, but they mean the world to me!