I get emails from Etsy every once in a while highlighting items, and I thought that I would create my own post highlighting items.  There are so many wonderful things on Etsy that it's actually a bit overwhelming at times.  Hopefully this little compilation will help you find some amazing items.  Enjoy!

Love, love, love this necklace!  And they have tons of other designs.

This is a really awesome vintage piece I found on there.  I love the colors!  I've really warmed up to some gold recently.  I mean, I still prefer silver, but I don't dislike it like I used to.

You know I love mustache items, and flasks are always cool.

Mmm, this is beautiful!

Someone buy me this.  Thanks.

Oh, and these deco style salt and pepper shakers.  Definitely!

If I had kids, they'd own these.

OMG.  I want this, too.  Blarg!

You've gotta be kidding me.  LOVE!

Something for the coffee lovers!  *Me included!

Ok, I'm kind of obsessed with lighting and this is so original and amazing!

Love anything that's recycled!  This is such a cute idea!

Ah, and this!

More amazing mustache stuff!!

LOVE one piece suits.  They're flattering and just adorable.

Wow, I really love this dress.


Most people don't carry checks anymore, but this just might make you want to.

Aww, too cute!  This gave me a great idea!

Great gift for the belt wearing, bike loveing man in your life.

There you have 20 Etsy finds.  I hope you enjoy!