Ha, this is amazing!  I found this poking around Etsy and I can't believe it exists!  I would have never thought of this, but I instantly thought this would be a great thing for someone who lives in Italy or France and rides their bike everywhere (anywhere really, but that's just the image that popped into my mind).  Well Jesse (the "maker" as he calls himself) assures you that it's safe and has been tested, so go snatch one if you're in the market for drinking and biking.

And speaking of drinking and biking, I currently live in Hattiesburg, MS and we have a ton of bikers, in fact there has even been a Bike Pub Crawl started by a few local businesses to bring awareness to the city about the need for better bike lanes, etc.  Now, with that being said, what's a Bike Pub Crawl?  Well, it's exactly what you think it is with some precautions.

Mikey and some of our friends did one recently (I was swamped with stuff and couldn't and I'm going to miss the next one on May 12th, boooooo) and literally what they did was start out at Keg and Barrel (a wonderful bar) and had a beer, then a car led the bikes down the right lane of Hardy Street (the main street) to Caliente (a wonderful restaurant) where they had a beer, and from there they went to The End Zone (a bar near the end zone of the USM campus) and again, a beer, then they headed downtown to The Shed (a bbq place downtown) where you guessed it, they had a beer, then to Southbound Bagels (so goooooood) and finally they came back to Keg and Barrel for... more beer.  How cool is that!?  The next one is set for May 12th, so if you're a Hub City resident or you live near by, go join!  Sadly I must wait until the next one.  :*(

Anyway, I thought I'd share this wonderful bike invention and I hope you all enjoy!

Btw, this bike is sweet...

This is from the Bike Pub Crawl.  Almost a hundred people participated and I'm sure even more will next week.  You can see Mikey and part of our friends Joseph and Kate, but pointing them out would be a bit much... they're tiny.