Ok.  Ok.  Ok.  I have to address this.  I was on Yahoo! looking through their top news stories and I came across this little gem.  Apparently a Michigan man who won $2 million dollars in the lottery about a year back,  has continued to receive food stamps for the past 11 months.  Now, let me get this straight.  A man who has won the LOTTERY is living on food stamps, AND apparently sees nothing wrong with hard working individuals shelling out the cash for him to stuff his gullet.  Hmm, the selfishness of others never ceases to amaze me.  I've never been a fan of food stamps regulations anyway, but this takes the cake.

I love how this guy seriously thinks it's only the state's problem.  Yeah, but you as an individual could have stopped using it and chose not to.  That seems to be a problem with you, sir.  I don't appreciate how people abuse the system and I don't see why things aren't addressed more seriously or carefully.  Obviously, something like this could occur, and probably has more than once, why wasn't it addressed?

Gah, politics make my head want to explode.  Everything is so backwards.  {{ explodes }}

Ok, getting off the soapbox.   I know, I know.  Just irks me, yo!