Hi there everyone!  This is just a little compilation of stuff I find neat.  I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think is super rad!

I love love love infographs.  I really like the colors used on this one.

Hahaha, I LOVE THIS.  I've never been a fan of rock paper scissors and I was never sure why.  Now, I know.
Gah, this is super awesome!  Love (and freaked out by) space!

This is pretty well done.

And this is pretty fun.

I love these owls!!!
Source :: Unknown

There's more where this came from.  Aren't they trippy, but kind of neat?

Ha, read through this, it's pretty awesome.

This is kind of amazing.  It can leave so much up to you to determine the meaning... if any at all.

Nice outfit.  I really like this, especially the shoes.