Since I'm now going to be working out of my home a lot (not totally which I wish I were...) this summer, I thought it might be nice to post some home office inspiration!  Mikey and I are launching a new design site soon and will be working from home a lot.  Can't wait to show off the new site, but for now enjoy some sweet office inspiration.

P.S.  I made all A's my last semester of college.  I started college with all A's and finished.  In between I strayed a bit, but overall I did pretty well.  Just had to figure out what I love.

By the way, I figured it out! 

{{ Dream }}

{{ Love }}

{{ Epic }}


Watched a film tonight, Art & Copy, and first let me say it's a wonderful watch, especially if you're a graphic designer or advertiser.  In the documentary, they spoke with Wieden and Kennedy which is a large advertising firm.  While talking with them and touring their facilities I noticed the above picture.  It's from their office!  How amazing!  Just thought I'd add that.  Good night!

Art & Copy: Inside Advertising's Creative Revolution