Howdy, Howdy!

Today I debuted my Flash Bulb Necklace on Replay!  You too can now own a super sweet flash bulb necklace made by yours truly!  I have had so many compliments on the necklace that I decided to start making and selling them.  Right now they come on silver coated chains for $15 or if you'd like to upgrade to a sterling silver chain for $18 then simply shoot me an email {{ sar.mcmahon@gmail.com }} before you purchase.  Soon I will also have an option to add an antique key to the necklace.  The deal with that is you'll pay a little extra for a key to be added, but the catch is you won't know what the key looks like!  If you really want a choice I can upload photos; that's no problem at all! 

This is also the giveaway item which you can still enter!!  So, here's the link so the giveaway and to Replay!



ALSO ::  I'm going to be adding some beautiful handmade necklaces by my mom later!  Check back!