If you have read any of the previous Momma Mia posts, you know that I get passionate about issues and products, and today’s post is no different. However, this isn’t about something as serious as the food industry in this country. It’s, ahem, about a laundry product. No wait. Hear me out. Give me a few minutes, and you’ll be glad you did. (Is she serious?) How would you like a product that saves you time, money, and the planet? The trifecta to me. It’s not that laundry is hard. I mean, I don’t have to drag it to the river and beat it on rocks. But I hate doing it. It ties me to the place for the hours it takes or presents me with wrinkled clothes that lead to another task I hate, ironing. So, consider this dreaded basket of laundry.

What do you see? At least three loads-whites, darks, and colors. I’ll have to sort them into loads and even if they are small loads, I’ll have to run the washer and dryer 3 times. THREE times. There goes the electric bill and the water bill, not to mention the soap. But NO, dear reader, not any more. Enter the “Color Catcher” by Shout. I promise I am not being paid to endorse this product. I discovered it by accident when I got a sample in the mail. Sample says that I can wash all of my clothes together in one load. Psssh. I remember my college roommate who tried that and wound up with everything a grayish pink. I’ll show them. I had a new pair of black pants (oh we know what that will do) and ratty white shorts that I only wear in the garden. Let’s see how that works. Hmm. Black pants fine. White shorts seem, um, whiter actually. Still doubting I put them to the test. You know that any red item is so scary that it winds up hand washed or at least delegated to its own “red” load. Worked. So I’ve been using them now for about two months. That basket above yielded these results.

You probably can’t tell from these pictures from my phone, but there’s a navy blue top, several white items, a couple of olive green tops, a baby blue top, and oh, four pairs of black capris (not pictured but you see them in the basket above). Behind the green patterned shirt is a black and blue top that I
know runs. All in one load. ONE. Total time one hour and thirty minutes from basket to hangers.

Here’s the “color catcher” after the finished load to prove that there would have been a disaster without it.

Skeptical? You can get a free sample from here:  Color Catcher

Now if they would only invent something to hang them up and iron them for me, I wouldn’t dread laundry at all, hahaha. Give them a try. You have plenty you can do with the time and money you’ll save. Ciao!