I found this photo to be hilarious on so many levels.  I mean who really thinks like that?   

This photo did spark an interest in me to do an apron post highlighting some wonderful aprons.  I've always had a soft spot for aprons.  I think it comes from my grandmother's apron collection.  I remember as a young child looking in the bottom cupboards of the bar in our kitchen and digging through all her aprons.  They ranged from red cherries to purple violets and I loved them all.  I never met my grandmother (she passed from cancer 6 months before I was born), but we have spooky similarities and I feel a strong connection to her.  So, this entry is dedicated to you Helen Elizabeth McMahon and all your wonderful aprons. 



Ha, these are ridiculous and awesome.  I want the middle one.

Flirty Aprons Women's Marilyn, Sugar n' Spice    Jessie Steele Cupcakes Apron   Flirty Aprons Women's Original Apron, Aqua Damask   DII India Flower Vintage Apron   Jessie Steele Bib Josephine Café Toile Apron  DII Cheri Cherry Vintage Apron