Summer is upon us and that means ice cold drinks (especially in the South).  There's nothing better than an iced tea or some fruity cold beverage on a super hot day and these will certainly cool any drink off.  I just love how you can coordinate the ice with your intended day!


 Spooky!!  Wonderful for Halloween and if you live south of the Mason Dixon Line, it'll probably still be boiling out!

 These are so cute!! The kid in me would certainly love to see these little fellows floating in some Koolaid, old school style!

 Diamonds are apparently a girl's best friend, but I like the ice cubes better!!  Ok, I might be pushing it there.

 I LOVE THESE!!!  So cool!

 I like mine shaken... with gun cubes.

 What's better than robots?  CHILLBOTS!!  Yikes, I'm in love!

Ok, as an artist I had to add this one, but honestly, it's creepy...

 Shot glasses that are frozen.  I think someone made these for us older folks.  After about 23, you can't take shots.  I mean you can, but you'll pay for them, promise.  These might soften the blow.

Gin & Titonic... c'mon, that's awesome.

All photos via Demilked.