Mikey and I watched one of the best documentaries last night.  It's called Waste Land and it's about artist Vik Muniz's journey to the largest landfill on Earth, Rio de Janeiro's Jardim Gramacho landfill.  His purpose for going there is to photograph the "Pickers" who are 2500 workers that pick out recyclable items from the landfill and sell them to businesses by the pound, but the documentary tells a much larger story. While Vik is there he becomes invested in these wonderful people who are just trying to make an honest living and he builds a relationship with each of them he is even shocked by.

The documentary really will have you on the edge of your seat with stunning visuals of the terrible conditions these people live in and their sunny dispositions despite what they have to go through. You really fall in love with each of these wonderful people and you're elated by the wonderful things Vik has done for them.

I highly recommend watching Waste Land. It really inspired me and opened my eyes to an interesting segment of the world.

Here are some of Vik's work. The first few are previous works and the last two are from the Waste Land portraits.  Enjoy!

 Sugar Children Series

 Caviar Monsters Series

 A Self Portrait

Portrait of Jackson Pollock

 Photograph Before and After of the Waste Land Portraits

 Another From The Waste Land Portraits