So, this week has been h e double hockey sticks (yeah) and I have pretty much wanted to scream everyday.  Between work on my car, problems with work, printing issues, trying to get a mountain of school work done (last project in my portfolio class turned in early, yay), and every other problem imaginable things are looking up (sort of).  My car is fixed and really will have only cost me $34 when things are said and done.  I turned in my last "real class" project and it looks great (awesome portfolio piece).  I'm practically done with my senior project.  I'm (hopefully) going to be able to still do a textbook buyback at a school affected by the tornadoes in AL (we'll see).  **And btw, my thoughts are with everyone who experienced that.  Like my boss is always saying (he's from OK) we need better tornado warnings in the south.**  Things are better.

Now the only way they can get better for sure is if I get to go do that buyback and I can have one of the following.  Enjoy!

OMG, CUTE!!!  It's a tiny octopus!!  

Ok, this isn't my post for today, but I wanted to update and let the interwebs know I survived.  Hmm, I should make that a t-shirt, but like a really cool well designed one.  "I survived April 25-29, 2011."

Anyway, stay tuned for a real post this evening.