Hey there everyone, just wanted to share a sweet find Mikey found on Juxtapose.com.  It's a local work in New Orleans and what artist Candy Chang did was convert an abandoned, graffiti covered house into an interactive piece of street art.  She simply (with permission of course) painted a portion of the house with blackboard paint and then painted "Before I Die..." as the header and then lines with the phrase and blanks for people to fill it in!  How neat is that?!

Here are a couple photos and check out Candy's Website for more of her fabulous work (that's what I'm doing right now)!

Definitely going to check this out next time I'm in New Orleans, you should too!  Also, make sure you view the whole article because they show the before and tell you a little more.  Enjoy!


Someone bought the house on April 10, 2011, BUT Candy says that the project will be resurrected somewhere else in N.O.