The other day I posted about the Wrap 'N' Mat which is shown in red gingham and I just loved it!  It got me thinking about what other wonderful gingham items might be out there, so I searched around a bit and came up with some stuff I really think is great. Check them out below and I hope you have a splendid day!

I love this top!  It was handmade and I think it would be great on the beach (other than the tan lines).

Adorable gingham shirt!  I want this.

These dresses are so cute!  I like them paired with the ballet slippers, but I'd prefer tall heels!

OMG!  This with a dark gray, white, or a navy blue dress would be stellar!

This jacket is so cute!  I love the subtle ruffles on the front.

This vintage ad is so awesome!

This outfit is great, I really like it!

Even puppy can look adorable in gingham.

Gingham for guys!!  I think Mikey would look great in the blue.

Love this jacket for guys.  It looks very European to me.

I love gray and this is just a nice shirt.

I really like this suit jacket!  It's J. Crew, I love everything J. Crew.

Gotta love a bow-tie!!

Which items do you like?