Hopefully will bring some May flowers for my life.  I don't usually write about negative stuff, but I'm hoping that this post is a little self-motivation to think positively.  Nothing absolutely horrible is going on, but my baby Sebring (my 2007 Chrysler Sebring) is sick.  She's driven me a lot of places; New Orleans (about a million times), Orlando, Tennessee, all over Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, New Jersey, she's seen a lot of things, but right now she's waiting to get her alternator (we think) fixed.  I took her to a local dealership (Chrysler, of course, Google dealerships in Hattiesburg and you'll know which devil did this) and they ended up calling me and telling me she needed $2200 worth of repairs.  HAHAHAHA.  WHAT!?  No.  So after crying, laughing hysterically, and a million calls back and forth with the dealership, my mom, and a mechanic near my mom, I found out to fix that (which alone at the dealership would have been $600) would cost $300.  Well hey, I can deal with that!  This guy apparently is a really good mechanic, too.  He said "I hate to say that dealerships do that, but they do."  Boy, do they ever, especially if you're a girl!

Advice girls, hold back the tears and laugh in their face, ask for an itemized list, then take it to several other places and see what they say.  Never tell them what you "think" is wrong b/c undoubtedly it will be "wrong" and they'll say several other things are wrong and then try and charge you $2200.

I take my baby car down to see him tomorrow and hopefully she'll come out all fixed and feeling fine.  I love my car, she's been good to me, but $2200 was not going to happen.  Hell, for that I could put a hefty down payment on a new car... oh and not pay my bills for two months.  Yeah...

Anyway, things look like they are going to be ok.

So this post isn't a total waste of anyone's time, please check out Marian Bantjes.  She's an artist and I read about her in an out-of-print publication called The Drama.  Her stuff is pretty ornate, which generally isn't my style, but I highly respect her for going out there, quitting her design job, and taking hold of her life (while being successful doing so). 

I do really like the typeface she created, especially on this book:

Welp, that's all I have for today.  Let's hope April showers really do bring May flowers!  (Cheesy, I know, but like you're void of the cheese bone.  No one is.)