So, I guess I hadn't looked at any late 80s early 90s graphic design in a while, but I looked through a book and I have to say it's pretty terrible...  I know that it was the beginning of computer graphic design and I know that designers were playing around with all the opposites of good type design, but when I really look at it it's just terrible.  I mean they italicized things, stretched letters both up and down and side to side, the font choices weren't good before the distortion, just really bad stuff.

This is the book.  I think I bought it at the time because I thought it might be helpful in learning more about type.  I guess in a sense it was because I know I don't like any of this stuff and why, but I expected more from it.  I love typography from the early 1900s to about the 60s, but I guess after that people got a little lost with exploration.  I suppose you have to even have the bad exploration to appreciate the good.  I just like clean design like from the Bauhaus era and today.  Sure, there are plenty of things I can find in any era that aren't good, including our own, but the 80s/90s time just isn't for me.

 I don't believe this one is from the book, but it exemplifies what this book has in it.

This is an actual spread from the book.  I just don't like this kind of design.  It looks like they pushed it way too far and never stepped back at all.  With some stepping back and re-designing I think this page could be salvaged.

Welp, these are strictly my opinions, but I just don't like late 80s early 90s design.  Not to say I can't learn from it and it's not valid, it is, but out of all the more modern eras this is by far my least favorite.  What do you think?