Last night I came across an artist whose paintings I really enjoy.  I'm very picky when it comes to paintings, so I love to share what I like in regards to that. Her name is Yangyang Pan (or Siiso as she goes by) and she mixes wonderful colors with fresh clean brush strokes. One of the worst things to me is when colors are mixed too much on a painting to the point they get muddy, but Yangyang does a great job of preventing that from happening. Below are some of my favorites from Yangyang, but definitely check out all her artwork (and her adorable little girl) on her Flickr page. 

 This one is my favorite!  I'd love to have this on my wall.  I really like the pop of color, it almost seems like it's an opening, spilling out with color.

I like this one as well.  It's almost like that same treatment has turned into cloud formations.  I dunno, I see weird things sometimes.

 The purples in this are amazing!  I think purple would have to be my "girly" color if I had one.

 This is almost figural to me.  I can see very thin tall people in the bottom portion.  I think that's Mikey's influence on me.
I just love the use of color her.  She's not afraid to use color, but like I said keeps it clean.  I think it helps too that she compliments all the color with a nice neutral background.