Just thought I'd share some photos from my Sunday:

Mikey & I made turkey hot dogs!  We were at Sonic getting drinks yesterday & we were saying how much we'd like one, but they're beef and we don't eat beef.  So, we decided to make our own version of their Chicago dog!  It's yellow mustard, sweet relish, banana peppers, onions, and pickles.  It's typically served on poppy seed buns, but we just got Sarah Lee wheat buns instead.  Take that, SONIC!

Mikey made me a painting... on the wall!!  I had this spot on my living room wall above my couch that the dog ripped.  There was a little piece poking out and she just ripped it off one day and it's always bothered me.  So, my darling made me a painting there and I love it!

Sebastian sitting on the living room floor.  This was a little break from Clementine bothering him.  I would have gotten a picture of her too, but she wouldn't sit still.  Puppy is so excited!!

Well, that's it!  Enjoy your day!