I know, I have a problem.  I'm in class (one of my last ones, ever... finally) and instead of working on my space branding project, I'm working on my blog. Honestly though, I wouldn't call this a problem so much, as an obsession. I've recently become obsessed with my future and my future is this blog and Replay. Instead of feeling bad and labeling something a "problem" I'm going to embrace it and finish out doing my best, but knowing that this is simply a step, not my life. My life, is here.  My life is creating, doing, branding, being, looking, finding, seeing, searching, Replay, and any other creative endeavor I might happen upon next.

With that little rant out of the way, I want to share something fabulous I just found. It's called "P.S.-  I made this..." and it's wonderful!  I have difficulty finding D.I.Y. projects that I have A.  the time for and B. really spark my interest, but I have to say that "P.S.-  I made this..." has sparked my interest big time!

Creator Erica Domesek has created a wonderful blog about D.I.Y projects and she even turned it into a book! I am definitely going to purchase said book (b/c I'm a book nut), but you can definitely find some good ideas and glimpses of projects on the blog.

Here are a few favorites I found!

 Definitely doing this one!  I LOVE IT!