PILATES!  No, seriously!  I've always been a pretty naturally fit person, but I really want to get into shape this Spring.  I want to feel the best I've ever felt and I want to really start conditioning myself to be that way now so when it gets harder later in life I don't have to worry about it because I'll already be in the swing of things.  Naturally, this meant finding something I like.  Running, eh, hurts my knees and I plan on doing a little, maybe twice a week when I'm not doing Pilates.  Biking, I love, but I don't always feel like dragging my bike out and going.  Gyms, forget it, I hate working out in front of other people.  So, what is a girl to do!?

Well while I was walking around in Target I wandered into the exercise section and I started looking at the Pilates stuff because earlier that morning I did a bit of Yoga which I enjoy.  I looked at the resistance bands and started reading about them.  I decided to try out the medium one made by Gaiam.  It's only $12.99 at Target and it comes with a DVD.  Let's just say, I'm sold!

I've used it twice this week and after the first workout (which is only 35 minutes long, perfect for my A.D.D butt) and I feel fabulous (stretched and with that burn that makes you know it's working) already.  With the band you use natural body resistance and it works!  I then started researching Pilates and every review I could find talked about how it works.  Seriously, it's amazing!

Can't wait to see the results and to have a great summer bod!  <----Cheesy, but c'mon, funny!

Try it out!